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Houston ilm anatics

The funniest movies we got the pleasure of seeing at SXSW 2017 was the very fun A Bad Idea Gone Wrong. The film stars Matt Jones and Will Rogers as Marlon and Leo. Two best friends who are also would-be thieves just waiting for the right job to come along to crack into the field. When Leo presents Marlon with the perfect place and plans to rob a big house in a gated community the job is on. The problem? Once the guys break into the house they accidentally enable the alarm and lock themselves inside. The bigger problem? They are not alone. Once inside the find a young woman named Darcy (Eleanore Pienta) asleep in one of the bedrooms. Now not only are they stuck with being locked in a strange house they will have to break out of, but the also have a hostage. 

The film is full of great one-liners. After I was done watching it was vaguely sad that it is only making the rounds at film festivals and it will probably be awhile before I get a chance to see it again. Matt Jones as the off the wall friend is easily my favorite character. He is so clueless and snarky it is great to watch. Leo is a little more on the serious side dealing with much more problems than just wanting quick cash. The film has many twists and turns that you can kind of see coming, but it doesn't take away from the overall film. It is still a great time to watch. 

We give Bad Idea Gone Wrong a solid B+. It was just a fun easy to watch film. It had humor and heart and plenty of antics to keep the average film goer entertained. We can only hope this one gets a wide release soon because it was just fun to see.  Keep your eyes peeled for A Bad Idea Gone Wrong!