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If you are looking for a night out that will have you rolling with laughter, questioning the state of our current political situation, or just wanting a very fun evening of theater then look no further than Stages Houston's presentation of POTUS or, Behind Every Great Dumbass are Seven Women Trying To Keep Him Alive. Written by Selina Fillinger and Directed by Ashley Love this show has a little something for everyone to enjoy. The casting is top notch and these seven incredibly talented actors deliver every step of the way. So what can you expect when stepping inside the Oval Office at Stages? Let's break it down below.

 I personally went into this show knowing I was going to be seeing a political comedy that of course revolved around POTUS and the women who keep him looking like he knows exactly what he is doing. What I got was so much better than I could have expected. I think we all realize to varying degrees that celebrity comes with its fair share of filters like Snapchat and that what we see is usually pretty far from the reality of the situation. POTUS takes us on a journey behind the curtain to see just how much juggling goes into making the head of our country look as good as he does. From his insanely talented wife (played by Michelle Elaine) to his Chief of Staff (Debroah Hope) to his Press Secretary (Chelsea Ryan McCurdy) these women move mountains to ensure that everything appears to be on the up and up as far as America and the POTUS's image are concerned, despite his best efforts to shatter it. To complicate matters we are introduced to a fun member of the press who is looking for a juicy story to stay at the top of her game (Jessica Jaye), the President's problematic and "almost" presidentially pardoned Sister Bernadette (Kasi Love), Dusty (Alexandra Szeto-Joe) the President's "Friend",  and the President's Secretary who is just a little too eager to prove her worth (Helen Rios). 

As this wild story starts to unfold you will find yourself more than a little impressed with the abilities of these seven women who are bringing this story to life in front of you. Their comedic timing is perfect and the chemistry between these ladies is unmatched. Honestly, I was completely impressed with how well this show was crafted and put together. From the amazing set pieces to having the stagehands dressed to look like secret service agents so much love and care has gone into bringing this production to life it is hard not to be impressed. I have to admit I love it when a show can truly let its hair down and just be real and that is one of the things that makes POTUS a success is its ability to be real. Watching the show and knowing that despite all the comedic bits we are laughing at in front of us, this type of thing is probably not that far from the actual truth that has probably gone down in the White House. 

I cannot express enough how much I want Houston Audiences to see this production. If you don't mind racy humor, bad language, and a very special bottle of "Tums" then this is the show for you. I can guarantee that you will be living it up in your seat. Plus stick around during the applause at the end of a mini-dance party. Really what's not to love about that?  So come on out to Stages Houston and bring your friends to this hilarious homage to girl power that is POTUS!

Get your tickets now to POTUSor, Behind Every Great Dumbass are Seven Women Trying To Keep Him Alive at 

POTUS or, Behind Every Great Dumbass are Seven Women Trying To Keep Him Alive is playing now through October 8th. 

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Ray's Review: POTUS or, Behind Every Great Dumbass are Seven Women Trying To Keep Him Alive

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