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One of the most anticipated films of the year has easily been the remake of the classic A Star Is Born. Bradley Cooper not only stars in but also takes on the role of director in the modern retelling of this love story with Lady Gaga taking on the leading actress role. If you are new to this story it centers around these two characters. Jackson Maine (Cooper)  is an aging rock star on the tail end of his career. He struggles with a pretty hardcore alcohol problem and issues with his hearing. One night after a show he stumbles into a random bar where he meets Ally (Gaga) a young songwriter with distant dreams of one day making it big. Jackson takes her under his wing helping her find fame. As their fairytale romance grows, they are forced to face the full weight of what fame and addiction bring to the table.

You better believe this film is taking a hard run at the Oscar race this year. From acting to directing, to possibly best film, this movie is making its mark. Both Cooper and Gaga give one hell of a performance not just with their acting abilities but also with their singing abilities. We already know Lady Gaga was going to kill anything on a microphone, but it is pretty awesome to see Bradley Cooper showing his chops by doing his own singing in the film and I gotta admit, I like it. On the flip side, if you ever had any questions about Lady Gaga's acting abilities this film should be the definitive moment where you realize this girl can do it all. She is just so good in this movie and the chemistry these two have together is perfection. Really everyone who had a part in this movie just knocked it out of the park. Sam Elliott is always wonderful, he plays Bobby Jackson's Manager, Anthony Ramos who plays Gaga's BFF in the film, Ramon, is adorable on screen, but my favorite and most surprising casting choice has to be Andrew Dice Clay who plays Aly's father Lorenzo. Seriously, I loved Clay in this movie.  After years of seeing him as a comedy guy, seeing him in this light was refreshing and he was good at it. Dave Chappelle also does a great job as Noodles, Jackson's good friend and former touring companion. You expect sarcastic comedy from these guys, but they clean up nicely in these more serious dramatic roles. It is awesome. 

The film is a kind of a long one, coming in around two hours and 15minutes, but it flies by. You really don't feel it at all, which, if we are being honest, is usually a sign of a really good film. I am going to do you a solid and do the one thing that nobody told me I should do and that is bring tissues. Just trust me. Do it. You'll thank me later. For those of you who have seen other editions of this film (this is the 4th remake of it) just know the ending is slightly different this time around. Overall, this movie scores an easy A+ from me. No question about it. So if you are wondering what to spend your time on at the box office this weekend, you really can't go wrong with A Star Is Born

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