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Alt-Right: Age Of Rage is another film to make its world premiere debut at SXSW 2018 and it will hit you right in the gut.  The documentary film from Adam Bhala Lough shows us the ever growing battle between the Alt-Right and groups like ANTIFA and Black Lives matter during the first year of Trump's presidency.  In the film, we follow Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer and ANTIFA activist Daryle Lamont Jenkins as they both work to get their side of the story heard. The film comes to a head during the tragic attack in Charlottesville last year. 

This documentary was a hard one to watch, for me anyways. It is totally bananas to think that there are so many people out there who believe the same crazy things that guys like Richard Spencer preach. I am not saying the left has all the answers, but I can 100% say that no race is better than any other. At the end of the day, we are all humans. What I liked about this film was seeing the contrast between the two sides and seeing the courage it takes to stand up against some of these alt-right protesters by the left even though the other side is walking around in riot gear and occasionally with AR-15 rifles and pistols.  It is an eye-opening experience to see how easy it is for hate groups like the alt-right to recruit new members and see how they have used the internet as their greatest tool for spreading hatred and misinformation. There were several times during the course of watching this film that I felt downright sick to my stomach. The blind hatred and ignorance that many of these (usually) white and (usually) males spew out into the world are unsettling to see.  Packing tiki torches and walking down the streets to protect your white rights? You look like a complete ass and btw you sound like one too, The fact that these white males, who have been playing the game of life on its easiest setting, freak out because they are worried their place in society is going to be diminished is comical, but that is what we see in the film. Having an administration who is willing to refer to these people as "fine people" is absolutely insane and a threat to public safety. It is empowering these nut jobs and I am sorry, that cannot stand.

What I do like about the film is Daryle Lamont Jenkins. He is a great person to be the face of the other side. The side that is trying to explain that we aren't looking to make the white race any less, we are looking to have equal rights for everyone. How can that be wrong? Too much of our society lives by the, "well, I got mine, so too bad for you" way of thinking. Usually, we don't see people start to change their political tune until they are the next targeted group. This film paints a picture of the people all across the US who are fighting the good fight against these hate mongers and the corruption in our own government. People need to see that it is everyday people just like themselves out there marching in the streets and doing what needs to be done to protect our future and the future of this country. This documentary does an excellent job of showing the human side of the left. What is nice is that even during this documentary we see them talking about how the left is not perfect and there are certain things the left has done that have not helped their cause but overall they are trying to do what is right and that feels so important and is so refreshing to see.

The fact that men like Richard Spencer can see no problem with their behavior is so backward and frustrating that anytime he is on the screen you may want to turn away, but if you stick with the film despite the hard things you may witness, I feel like you will come out the other side stronger than ever before and with a new resolve to keep fighting the good fight and to keep letting these people know that hatred cannot stand in America and racism is not welcome here. This country was built as a melting pot and that will never change. 

Overall, we scored Alt-Right: Age Of Rage with a solid A rating. Definitely, keep your eyes peeled for this documentary. You will not be disappointed and be sure to check out our interview below with Daryle Lamont Jenkins.

Alt-Right: Age Of Rage