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Get Ready to check in for some Bad Times At The El Royale and by bad we mean good! This film is a trip and a half. Seven strangers, each hiding a secret, come together at the once mega famous hotel the El Royale. Built on the dividing line between California and Nevada this hotel used to be a hotbed for gambling and Hollywood's elite. However, once the gaming commission shut down the hotel's casino, it has fallen off the radar. When these strangers come together everyone will face a chance at redemption - or continue on the path they are on and suffer the consequences of their actions. 

This movie is insane but is the best way possible. First, the cast is fantastic. Jeff Bridges, Jon Hamm, Dakota Johnson, Chris Hemsworth, Cynthia Erivo,  & Lewis Pullman just to name a few, really slay their roles in this movie. Lewis Pullman as Miles the hotel clerk is one of my favorite characters. You really need to watch this movie because for me personally, I don't want to give too much away. There are a lot of twists and turns in this story and after a while, you realize this movie has a Game Of Thrones element to it in that no character is safe and could die at any moment. It keeps the suspense rolling throughout the entire film which is cool. 

A lot of the elements of this movie reminded me of early Tarintino films like Four Rooms. Taking elements from 4 smaller stories and weaving them together to make the one very intriguing tale was excellent. This is just a fun and unique movie to watch and the story definitely does not go where you expect it to and I don't feel like the trailers give you much to go on really either so everything should feel pretty fresh and surprising when you see this movie. Nothing is what it really appears to be and the moments in the film when you can see each character is staring down a crossroads of doing the right thing or doing what they want is kind of crazy too, because sometimes doing the wrong thing looks really appealing in the film. Like I said this movie is just fresh, different, and fun. 

Overall, this movie scores a B+ with us. It was a good time for audiences at the El Royale. So I really hope you give this movie a chance. Come prepared because this is kind of a long film at two hours and 21 minutes but the ride is worth it!

Don't miss Bad Times At The El Royale when it hits theaters everywhere October 12th!