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Posted 5/12/2017

This week's show we review the films Kidnap and The Dark Tower, We talk the latest streaming hits like Ozark, Glow, and how Wentworth is better than Orange Is The New Black, plus we interview the entire cast of the new horror film Annabelle Creation!

Featuring: HFF Ray 

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Posted 6/12/2017

This week's show HFF talks with the men behind the new documentary The Freedom To Marry, Director Eddie Rosenstein and Evan Wolfson!

Featuring: HFF Ray 

Posted 8/472017

This week's show HFF talks Comicpalooza and talks with Candice Patton from the CW's The Flash. We also review this week's latest box office releases and discuss some movie news.

Featuring: HFF Ray 

Posted 7/172017

This week's show HFF give you our top 10 movie soundtracks of the 1990's!

Featuring: HFF Ray