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SXSW is full of surprises and nothing surprised me more than how much I enjoyed the film Hearts Beat Loud starring Nick Offerman and Kiersey Clemons, Ted Danson, and Toni Collette. This father-daughter film was super cute and enjoyable. It tells the story of a father who runs a record store and is a former musician and his musically talented daughter who form this rather unlikely band/songwriting duo before she is about to go off college.

I loved this movie it was heartfelt and sweet and at times very fun and funny. Seeing someone like Ron Swanson showing his softer side is fantastic. I couldn't imagine a more perfect on-screen dad for this role. He brings a lot to the character. Also, Kiersey Clemons, who you may recognize from Dope and Neighbors 2 is so good in this film. Not to mention the fact that she plays an LGBT character in the film, which I personally feel brings a much-needed element to his movie. She is giving characters like this a face and visibility and it isn't a big thing or something that takes away from the main storyline. 

I also have to point out how much I loved the music in this movie. The original songs these two put together are super catchy and fun to listen to. I am actually looking forward to this soundtrack coming out. If you remember the film Sing Street, this movie feels like this year's Sing Street, which is a huge compliment because that film kicked ass. 

Overall, I scored Hearts Beat Loud with a solid A. It is a sweet father-daughter film that is both heartwarming and funny to see. This is an easy crowd pleaser and one you definitely need to add to your watch list.

Hearts Beat Loud opens in the US June 8, 2018.

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