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90's sitcom fans rejoice as Roseanne is coming back to prime time with the original cast and a few new faces. ABC took the opportunity to debut the Roseanne Experience at SXSW 2018 and we got the chance to take a look at this very cool pop-up house. Fans had the chance to not only try pie and loose meat sandwiches from the Lanford Lunchbox but also to snag a photo in the iconic Roseanne living room. If you showed up at certain times of the day you could even meet Michael Fishman and Lecy Goranson and newcomer Emma Kenney. Fans could also take home some customized Roseanne with printable totes and shirts with some very Roseanne sayings on them. All in all this unique experience was a great way to reintroduce the show to old fans and bring it to the forefront of potential new ones.

Check out our Q&A video with the cast below and all our photos from this once in a lifetime experience.

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