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For the first time ever at SXSW, a current show has premiered their finale episode for the very excited crowds at the Paramount Theater. Not only did fans get a chance to watch the episode a day early, but they also got the chance to do so with cast members Mile Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, and Justin Hartley present. They also were joined by the show's creator Dan Fogelman and executive producer Isaac Aptaker.  As fans watched this season's finale you could easily hear the sounds of sniffles fill the theater during the show's most emotional moments. The roller coaster ride that is This Has Us filled us with laughter, tears and tons of questions for the next season. The good news is the cast and creators stuck around for a quick Q&A after the show and gave fans asmall glimpse into what we can expect for the future of the show and American's favorite family the Pearsons.  

We got a chance to talk with the cast on the red carpet at SXSW 2018 so check out the video and pictures below for all the coverage!

Posted 03/13/2018