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Hands down the biggest and best thing to happen at SXSW 2018 was the epic Westworld Experience. Words can not express just how amazing this was. HBO literally built the biggest pop-up activation SXSW has ever seen. It sold out in seconds and the hyper for it could be heard throughout the entire festival. Guests would arrive at the Mesa Gold station, be fitted with cowboy hats and then whisked off 30minutes outside downtown Austin to one of the most entertaining and immersive experiences I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. There were tons of hosts you could interact with and a sprawling mock-up up Sweetwater to explore. Fans of the show had chances to find easter eggs for season two throughout the park and really live like they were in Westworld for a few brief hours. it was spectacular. check out all the photos and video below for just a glimpse of what we got to experience of HBO's the Westworld Experience. 

The Westworld Panel at SXSW

The Westworld Experience