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The next indie film we decided to take a look at was a little film called Wobble Palace. In this film, a couple's relationship is put to the test after they decided to split their house for the weekend and see if they are better off apart. When they initially seem like they actually may hate each other right from the start this feels like the best decision possible short of calling it quits. 

I am not sure how to feel about this film. It is a little strange to me with both parties seeming to cheat on each other at every turn and then claiming they have an open relationship. Do they really have an open relationship or is that just what they tell potential hook-ups? I am not sure. No really, I have no idea. Neither character is particularly likeable in my opinion. Nick Corirossi who plays the boyfriend in the film is so damn weird and doing this premature balding thing with his hair that it is hard to take him seriously and it is even harder to imagine that despite all his weirdness, which borders on creepiness, that he even ha a girlfriend at all. His girlfriend played by Elisha Drons, feels like a walking ice sculpture. Both act like they are too good for their current relationship, but as people, they just seem horrible. It leaves a lot to the imagination how this relationship came to be to a point that moving in together seemed like a good idea. Luckily the film takes us back through their history as a couple as we get a chance to see how this dynamic duo was brought together. The chemistry still doesn't feel like it is there, even at the beginning of their relationship, but what can you do.

If this is where today's relationships are coming from then I have never been more happy to be happily married to someone who I adore. This film just didn't hit any marks for me except for being extra cringy. Sadly I had to score this one with a D. I just couldn't get into it and the story and characters felt like such a mess. Neither felt even close to relatable to me or anyone I know. Well, that is not true entirely, Nick's character reminded me of a friend's boyfriend a little, but that was just due to his overinflated self-importance and the need to keep calling himself a nice guy after asking like a shmuck. Anyways, I am getting off track. Overall I would say wait for this to hit streaming services before I rushed out to the theater to see Wobble Place.

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